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Discover Tikehau

220 miles north of Tahiti, and less than an hour's flight away, Tikehau is one of the most beautiful atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago. It is the coral-covered crown of an ancient, 65-million years submarine volcano.

Its white and pink sand islets, fringed with coconut trees, shape a 177 square-mile lagoon that opens onto the ocean through a single pass. It is famous for its wildlife-rich waters.

Tikehau has around 500 inhabitants, making a living from coprah, tourism and pearl farming. But fishing remains the main activity, and visitors can discover the world-famous fish traps, where catches are kept alive before being shipped to the market in Tahiti.

In the language of the Tuamotu, Tikehau means "peaceful landing," or "seeking peace." That is the exact feeling experienced by visitors, who come here looking for preserved nature, a life paced by the elements, and the simple joys of exchanging with the people who protect the atoll's beauty and keep its traditions alive.

Welcome to our paradise of nature and peace, welcome to the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.

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