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Early Bird -30% with breakfast included

Plan ahead and save! Book a minimum of 90 days in advance and enjoy 30% off accommodation!
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30% off accommodation

Daily American Breakfast included for 2


* Travel dates : Nov. 1st, 2020 to June 30th, 2021 & Nov. 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022
* Booking must be made a minimum of 90 days prior to scheduled stay
* Valid on all room categories
* Not combinable with other offers
* Applicable for 3rd adult in room
* Honeymoon amenities can apply (one Tahitian pearl)

Specific cancelation policy
For all new booking made between May 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021, for a travelling period between July 15th 2020 and December 31, 2021, modification and cancellation fee will be as per below:

1. If cancellation or modification due to:
- Lockdown situation in Customer's country of residence,
- The impossibility of traveling to French Polynesia due to the closure of borders and / or transit stops,
- Lockdown situation in French Polynesia,
- The impossibility of traveling to French Polynesia for a traveller whose Covid-19 test carried out in the 72 hours preceding his flight was found to be positive,
- The impossibility of continuing a stay in French Polynesia for a traveller declared positive during the stay,
Modifications without penalty or reimbursement without costs at the latest within 12 months from the initial date of stay in the event of cancellation

2. In the event of a request for cancellation or modification of reservations outside the cases defined in 1: Then the  regular conditions will apply.

Early Bird -30% with breakfast included
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts

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*  Rates are correct at time of booking but may be subject to change without notice.
Rates are rounded to the nearest whole number.
Dates without rates are not able to be booked or are sold out.

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