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Underwater, on the water or on land, there are so many ways to make the most of your stay!

Fins, masks and snorkels, kayaks and outrigger canoes, table-tennis, badminton, volley-ball, and a pool table are available to our guests free of charge.

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At Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts, the fish are plentiful, multicolored and friendly! You'll see them each time you go for a swim. Ask the activities desk for flippers, a mask and a snorkel, and pay a visit to the magical water kindgom. Discover how the precious corals grow, slowly building the Polynesian atolls.


The fabulous ecosystem of the lagoon, its interaction with the ocean, the plentiful marine fauna that so impressed Jacques Cousteau are best discovered under the surface.

Here, the word "immersion" takes its full meaning, and Tikehau's underwater universe, with its unrivaled visibility, attracts divers from the entire world. Magnificent specimens of sharks, rays, sea turtles and all kinds of fish can be seen, even in shallow waters.

Tikehau also offers a unique experience in Polynesia: scuba diving at the "manta car wash," where manta rays come into the lagoon to let cleaner wrasses rid them of parasites. An easy and shallow dive accessible to all, not to be missed.

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Phone: +68940962300
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts

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